I live in Kennesaw and work in Alpharetta. I will make the drive to the Alpharetta or Suwanee office to see Dr Johnson even from my house. Why? I have dealt with a few endodontists before and in my opinion Dr Johnson is current with both technology and making sure discomfort / pain is managed effectively. He tells you each step he needs to do as he does the root canal(s). I have had eight root canals within five years not because of tooth decay but due to me grinding my teeth over the years in my sleep. He has a good team approach for your care and you as a patient need to do your part too. I have had a few of my root canals where the pain lingered a few months, but Dr Johnson and my dentist Dr Hinds worked with me to make sure we simply let things settle down and watch the tooth since my roots are very long. He is the only endodontist I have dealt with that will not only numb around the site of work, but will also numb in side the tooth once the surface area is open enough to administer more medicine. What is remarkable about him is the efficiency once you are numb. One of my molars has five roots. Once I was numb, he had the root canal process completed in just over 30 minutes. My first root canal was a bicuspid [ #13 ] and that endodontist was so busy moving from patient to patient doing a little here and then a little there that the process took almost two hours and he did not have even a microscope to use to do the root canal. Please give Dr Johnson a try if you are seeking an endodontist. I believe you will not be disappointed and he will teach you a lot about your mouth, teeth, and all that happens to them on a daily basis.

- Michael S

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