New Technology

Cone Beam computer tomography- 3-Dimensional X-rays

Our office is equipped with the latest generation Carestream 8100 3-Dimensional Cone Beam Computer Tomography(CBCT). Dr Johnson will utilize a CBCT when deemed appropriate. CBCT imaging is one of the greatest technological advances in dentistry in the past 20 years. This imaging creates a 3-D view of teeth that can be examined from all surfaces. This is a great advantage over traditional 2-D dental x rays. This technology utilizes minimal radiation and is equivalent to only a few regular dental x-rays. The images are utilized in special cases where additional information about your tooth is needed. CBCT images in these instances are critical at enhancing diagnosis, treatment planning, and can improve the prognosis of root canal therapy. In many instances, it can help avoid unnecessary treatment and can aid in determining why a tooth is not responding to initial treatment.

CBCT Technology:

At North Fulton Endodontics, we  believe that we can not fix what we can not see. By implementing a 3-D Cone Beam CT (CBCT) we are able to produce the highest resolution imaging to far better diagnose and treat our patients.

Cone Beam images opens up an amazing world of sight for far better patient diagnostic capabilities and root canal services. We observe incredible anatomical detail and viewing capabilities with powerful, focused-field, high-resolution , 3-D images, and unprecedented x-ray views of the oral cavity.

With a CBCT scan you can:

  • See lesions, anatomy, pathology, and situations not evident otherwise.View previously unseen anatomical detail to diagnose more accurately and treat with higher  confidence  and success.
  • Observe horizontal and vertical fractures and resorption

Special Features of a CBCT Technology:

  • High resolution images allow viewing teeth with crisp clarity
  • Low radiation via innovative area-specific radiography
  • Increased diagnostic ability leads to more efficient appointments, saving you money and time
  • Image acquisition while facing our team member enhances your comfort
  • Lower cost than a medical CT Scan
  • Ideal for: Re-treatment Procedures, Trauma, Resorption, Fractures and Failing Root canals

Microscopes and Imaging

Our doctor is equipped with operating microscopes. Magnification and fiber optic illumination are invaluable tools that assist us in performing the technical aspects of endodontic treatment.

The following procedures benefit from the use of the
• locating hidden canals that have been obstructed by
calcifications and reduced in size;
• removing materials such as solid obturation materials
(silver points and carrier-based materials), posts or
separated instruments;
• removing canal obstructions;
• assisting in access preparation to avoid unnecessary
destruction of mineralized tissue,
• repairing biological and iatrogenic perforations;
• locating cracks and fractures that are neither visible to the
naked eye nor palpable with an endodontic explorer; and
• facilitating all aspects of endodontic surgery,
particularly in root-end resection and placement of
retrofilling material.

Digital Radiography X-ray procedures are an essential part of quality endodontic therapy. The images appear instantly on a chair side computer screen with 90% less radiation than traditional films. The already low radiation required for dental radiographs which appear instantly on a chair side computer screen. These images can then be optimized, printed, archived indefinitely and sent to your dentist.

Ultra-Sonic Our operatories are equipped with sophisticated ultra-sonic units that are used to remove posts and metal instruments, as well as aid in the search for calcified canals. These units are also used to prepare and search for calcified canals as well as being used to prepare the root-end for a retrograde filling in cases when microscopic tips vibrate up to 25,000 cycles per second to insure accurate and speedy preparation.

Nickel-Titanium Instruments

The cleaning and shaping of the root canal is aided by the use of metal instruments made of a unique alloy of nickel-titanium. We use both hand and rotary instruments along with a liquid antimicrobial agent to help remove bacteria and tissue.

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) is a hydrophillic cement that is extremely biocompatible, capable of stimulating healing and osteogenesis. It is a powder that consists of fine trioxides and other hydrophillic particles, which set in the presence of moisture. MTA is used for internal resorption, perforation repairs, and to close large open apices. MTA allows our treatments to be more predictable and the possibility to save teeth otherwise condemned to extraction.